On the Horizon

Something is coming, from beneath  rooted in the ground, under my feet to pass through me on the way upward to get out.  Conjuring, the spell that will be unleashed into the world l leave behind. Smothering the seeds of souls I  created to give away divine.

There on the ground, not to be seen with normal eyes. Look with the one we have inside knowing the wisdom of peace, connecting all of us in a space we need to find.

I will become the pirouettes of carrying wind moving beneath my feet, taken away in the darkness of passion throughout the flight  Then morning light will slowly take over the transition into day.

Leaves of  my love pass by floating, in colors, through the sky. Waving to me, they said goodbye. I stood there crying and  watched them slowly passing through my side. Then  one by one disappearing from my sight.