A Typical Day for us.


My nephew poor baby, loves me to death and looks up to me. Seeking guidance, from my experiences in life. I start off by saying to him every time he asks anything, “You know I was crazy right.” He always, laughs and says that’s why he likes to talk to me and I tell him the truth. I have done and been in such different circumstances than most people, unless you led my lifestyle. Then even, probably not. At the time it seemed so normal to me because it was.

When I look back on my life, I could never have thought up some of the things that have happened on my own. Why, I have to write about it.I will probably drop dead one day out of the blue, because of how I lived before now.Someone, should benefit from the mistakes I made before I croak.

My next few books should be interesting reads to most people regardless, of your backgrounds.I find interest in it as I recall and sometimes can’t believe it happened.”Angel” is nothing like “Family Tree” why I have had trouble with it. I guess, it doesn’t have to be the same. But, for the sake of continuity, I thought it should be somewhat similar and it is somewhat. Okay, I am over that torture.

I decided to break up the stories into smaller books.novelettes, because the stories are so different and each one is a book on its own. Episodes, for sure. I like them though, it is the presentation of each one. I like to move through time out of order. Don’t ask me why, this is how it comes. Then tie it all together in the end. Some semblance of meaning to an outcome.How I got to where I am and the time that passes so quickly on the way is enough for me to contemplate. I was anything but, an Angel except in my heart.

Emotions are a powerful thing, I believe my books will demonstrate the ability they have of influencing our decision making. Enough said.

Anyway, back to my nephew. He said “Auntie, I finally got laid.” Like a good aunt I said, “Did you use protection.” He said “NO.” “I was licking butts, and everything.” I stopped him and said “That is too much info.” I am not one of your friends, I gave him the lecture on how one can still pass STD’s with oral sex and blah blah blah… Keep your condoms on hand; having them available is half the battle. He agreed, after I was done.

A few hours pass, I say to him , “How do you think a man would feel, knowing I shave the hair off my chin.” I laugh every time I think of it. “Why you doing that?” He says to me. Looking like I just confused him.Plucking them is just annoying and when I go to have it waxed, it is just as dreadful and she still plucks.”That makes sense,” he says. “How do you get a close shave?” “Mine grows back too fast, I hate it.” I explained. “Everyone’s does, he said.” There is no man secret to tell me about shaving hair off of the face and keeping it off. Damn.

I thought of electrolysis but it isn’t as effective on darker skin. The machine picks up the darker hair opposed to skin color. For women of color this option isn’t a good one. “I have a beard Auntie, I definitely don’t know anything to tell you accept to try shaving cream.” I think that’s what you need he explained.”Quit calling me Auntie, I told you.” I hate it sounds so, not me anyway. .Aunt Angie, is out of the question too; phonetically I can’t stand the way it sounds. I get tripped up repeating it.

“What can I call you, Auntie.” While he laughed out loud amused by my frustration with him. “Figure it out, I trust you will one day.”

“Between, you saying that and the hairs on my chin, anyone would think I was a hundred years old.” The weird thing about it is I don’t know why, I care about age recently. I never did. I don’t try to be younger than I am or anything like that. It’s annoying in fact, to me when people don’t act their age. I was mumbling these rants to myself.

Brandon came over and hugged me then said, “Auntie it’s not your chin men are looking at.” We both started laughing. “I had a girlfriend with ‘Beef curtains’ I loved her to death.” I was afraid to ask what the hell that means. I was frowning, like i didn’t know. “You know, when your vagina lips are to long like wings.” Never mind, I mumbled and turned around laughing as I walked away. I am done with this conversation. I don’t see the comparison. “You know about that don’t you.”

“No, why would I know about it.” I never see women’s vaginas. All men in the films, I saw or worked on. “Oh that explains it.”

He went back to working on his script, I went back to working on mine.