Our Thoughts

According to Dr Daniel Amen 51% of the United States population does suffer from ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Drug abuse or some other form of mental illness.

I am no exception.
Untreated, these disorders can have devastating effects on our lives. Putting us more at risk for Alzheimers Disease, Death etc.

The thing about it is we are the majority. Most people will or do have some form of mental illness. It is not abnormal to have anxiety attacks, racing thoughts or depression at some point in our lives. However, do not suffer alone.

What is abnormal is how we deal with it. Our thoughts about it. The stigma that comes with the label of mentally ill. I don’t mean full blown psychotic. Talking to the voices in your head or having hallucinations auditory and or visual.

Out of touch with reality, by definition is psychotic. Not knowing the difference between what is or is not real. That is not what most people with mental disabilities are suffering from.

It also does not mean that one can go untreated because we are not out of touch. We are not, without consequences making us have our own unwanted thoughts. Your emotional brain works too hard. That is all it is that is going on.

Most if not all drug abuse is self treatment for anxiety, depression or something else. People who use speed often have ADD. The medical treatment is the same types of drugs from a doctor. So our drugs of choice can help find out more about what is really going on with us. Mine is acid. Lol!

Believing that one day we just snap out of it is not true. Don’t believe that. We learn how to function in secret distress as we get older. To appear okay.

ADD is often misdiagnosed as Bipolar disorder because the symptoms are the same. I had the unfortunate experience of being treated for the wrong diagnosis.

I had post partum, depression so severe, I didn’t talk to anyone. So when my family was asked by my doctor how, I was normally. Unaware at the time about my ADHD. Because I was never diagnosed in my childhood or treated.

I learned from my son’s diagnosis of ADD that I had it also. It tends to run in families. If your child has it then it may be a good idea to see, if you do also.

There are behavioral treatments, as well. Not only medication helps, with successful treatment. There is more than one way of doing things in combination or alone. The choice is personal. I chose to stop the use of medication because the abuse potential is too great. Also my heart disease. I have problems.

Just knowing my problems were very treatable and called something was half the battle. I follow rules to keep my mental health in check. I had to learn what it was first.

The first thing you can do for yourself is get a good night’s sleep and eat as healthy as possible. Exercise regularly. It does not matter what size you are now. The benefits to your health are tremendous in so many ways.

I tend to not want to exercise when, I am depressed. I don’t have the energy it feels like. I do have it though, but if I can’t find it myself. I intervene with medication then stop. Exercise works wonders for depression.

ADD often is accompanied by Depression. I had to teach myself how to read. I couldn’t just do it so, in a way that worked for me. First, I  read the end of the book and then the beginning. I use speed reading techniques to get through the rest.

I asked my instructors to outline what I needed to learn. So I studied those things specifically. I still use these behavioral strategies.  I am easily overwhelmed with too much at once. I don’t know where to begin first.

All because of my ADHD symptoms.  I believed I could do it. Didn’t know how so, I found the way. Our thoughts are most important because they are affecting everything, we believe.

Believe you are okay because, you are. There is always a way to do anything.  Believe it.