Tweet, Tweet – A Good Book Tweeting Site to Consider

Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Publicity Tip #86~

bluebird by Lisa Yarost - flickr bluebird by Lisa Yarost – flickr

Just a quickie this morning 😉 I know we all like those – lol!

Twitter is a useful tool that I’m still learning how to use but when someone has 68K followers and is offering to publicize my book for free – I’ll drop them a line and leave my details.

Not always, but Jay D. with the AHA Program (Author Helps Author) follows through on his promise to tell his followers about you.

Now, Jay says he has 250,000 “readers” on twitter even though his formal stats show 68K for actual “followers” but honestly… either way someone will see his tweet about my book. He offers this service based on your timeline for free day advertising, debut book launch, new title, up-coming discount days, etc. If you can make it ‘newsworthy’ he’ll tweet it.

All you have to…

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